Chemical Engineering Board Exam Application — PRC Requirements, Process, Costs

If you’ve ever tried to apply, you know the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) had not done a good job of creating an easy-to-follow process. Save yourself hours of research and know everything you need in under 1 minute!

The Backstory: A friend asked about the requirements in taking the board exam. A simple search for answers turned out to be a complex process: Searching for keywords, downloading 2 separate lists, going to a website, followed by several other activities. Why not make the process simple? Compile the key details, make it easy-to-follow, and design it to look great (in PassTheBoardExam style!)



Step 1: Gather All Requirements

Here are the links to the requirements’ lists:

[1] PRC Requirement’s List #1 

[2] PRC Requirement’s List #2  


Step 2: Register Online

Here’s the link to the PRC website:


Step 3: Go to PRC


Breakdown of Costs



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